Wednesday, 20 February 2019

The Apology

It has been a while....I know, so many changes and yet so many old discoveries from my past, from doing a clear out and finding old photos, letters and even old phones with photos and text messages from people you no longer see or speak to. Even emails....When you had no msn at work and whats app had not even been invented there was the form of communication through email.  

Over the many years I have met a lot guys, and when they messed up and disappear into the wilderness I would say I have only ever had two apologies in a space of 10 years. One was in person about two years ago when I bumped into the guy at a dinner event in which his wife was there also. Somewhere when everyone got up to mingle and say goodbyes, I was by a pillar and he came up to me and came straight out with it "I just wanted to say I'm sorry for everything and how things went" He was sincere and I said "Hey its ok, I don't hold grudges, I'm glad your happy". He said hope your keeping well and if you ever need anything just let me know". 

Just his apology restored my faith in guys a little more so, I respected him so much for being such a gentleman as I can appreciate it is not an easy thing to do....But it was the right thing and he did not leave it until he said it. See....When people mess up and just "ghost" someone....Do they not realise what they do? They create someone who becomes hurt, which then turns to anger and then bitterness. 

From time to time...When I feel low....I read my second apology email which is from about 10 years ago...I read it because it helps me remind me of who, what I am and what my powers are. It makes me realise my worth and what I want and deserve in life....Seems a bit odd I am sure....But then again no guy had opened up their heart to me and told me simply this. I think this is one of the most beautiful things I have ever read. It takes a simple genuine "Sorry" to stop more bitterness and more love into put the world.....

The Apology
Im not entirely sure if this was going to be a good idea as for weeks I have been trying to write this email but kept putting it off I guess afraid of the response and may be because of my guilt…I guess my conscious wouldn’t let it go. I couldn’t blame you from deleting this email because im pretty sure im the last person you would want to hear anything from.

I wanted to write down all the things that made me do what I did, but these words would only be excuses and im tired of that. I want to say I was wrong the way I conducted my self and even worse was the way it ended… something I should of said a long  while back was.... Im sorry. So Sorry for all the hurt and sorry for all the heartache and painMy aim was never to upset or disrespect you in regards to who you are and what you are about...but I did that, the aftermath of it has made me feel angry mostly with my self and the circumstances. 

It hasn’t suddenly just dawned upon me that I did wronghave felt and known about this for a while now, I guess when you hurt someone you just know you have. As they say the Almighty could forgive but if you have hurt someone and they don’t forgive you, well your in a lot of trouble… and I think I am. I sit down sometimes and all I do is think about you all the nice things you did for me, the nice things you said to me, the care and affection you showed, made me feel like something else and most of all the way you smiled and laughed it truly has left a gaping hole in my life I feel empty and bitter - I sometimes think Ive lost my mind. Deep down I knew even then that my decision would be wrong and the biggest looser would be me. Im not sure if youregoing to believe this but what ever I did, I did it with the best intentions, its not that you needed my sympathy or that im a bigger personyou see for the first time I left my wants/needs aside and didnt just think about me here and now but the future, I always had this in my head 'what will be best for her rather than just me', Problem is I didnt get this bit right and how things went awfully bad – I should have been much clearer more honest about certain issues from the very beginning but neither could I articulate it properly and instead made silly immature comments rather than spoke to you about it. I thought long and hard at the time and instead of confronting things head on and I thought I dont want to make things worse I just decided to walk away, and I guess thats when my slepless nights and guilt begun, the burden of it was too much for me to handle and thats why it lead me to write this.

This isn’t easy by all means but neither do I want to rock the boatyou have probably forgotten about me and moved onyou certainly deserve to. Out of anyone I have got to know you stood out miles ahead, your something else aperson and individual, your a rareity and beyond comprehensionparticularly mine. I can’t change what happened and sometimes I wish I could go back in time  with all the dumb and stupid things I said and did, but I cant. I realise im full of faults more than goodness, its sad but someone like me cant even think about settling down because reality dictates I need to battle my own demons before I end up ruining someone’s life  - and thats something I couldnt have done with you in the long run. Your precious and you belong to someone who will give you the basics and all that is good and more. You never asked for much but really you deserve a lot.  

Im going to hajj  next week and before I make peace with my maker I want to make peace with you so I pray you will find it in your heart to forgive me in fact I beg for your forgiveness, for all the wrong I didI pray that one day you may forgot my actions. I will in turn pray for you that one day soon you will wake up and all the pain you feel or have felt goes and that you truly find peace and happiness who ever it may be with. Something I have learnt  from the errors of my way is that I care for you a lot and the feeling wont just go away like that. But I am sorry really really sorry.

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Ramadan thoughts....

Madrasa (Arabic: مدرسة‎, madrasah, pl. مدارس, madāris) is the Arabic word for any type of educational institution....As another #ramadan is upon our doorstep, I think regardless of your faith and beliefs this whole planet is our #Madrasah . We are all evolving on a daily basis but more so when we travel....The people we meet, the places we go to, how we act in those new surroundings, we learn so much more about ourselves. This is was plants the seed for us to be more #kind, more #thankful , #reflect how we got to where we are now, #appreciate the #hardships , the #lonliness understand those around us going though hardships and how we come out of them....Ramadan to me is being more #patient being more #kind and letting go of what hurt you in order to move forward and being thankful for every little daily blessing. It is about thinking and putting others before you, a life skill that I think will aid you through the life learned lessons in this #madrasah  Wishing you all a blessed #RamadanMubarak 💗🌌

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

The 'L' word.....

It has been difficult the past months I'm not going to lie, emotionally and mentally it has been hard.....And I guess once in a while there are times that you find yourself struggling and questioning whats going on in general.

A lot of over thinking and worry in my heart has made me feel more fragile and vulnerable and have gone though some down days. It has been hard in the fact that I am alone and well the 'L' word....lonely

I am so independent and carefree most of the time and have always had to take care of myself but I guess tiredness can cause that 'blip' moment.  There are times when you just want to be able to collapse in someones arms and just be comforted because you can be.   After years and years of the same situations  but I think a lot of different things mounted up and I guess it took its toll and I had a 'blip' moment...I am only human and I guess this is something that we all go through in life.  But with that said I knew something had to change, I had to change my mind-set and that is exactly what I have done.

A lot of people who know me or observe my life assume that they do not see that from my social media accounts etc.  But I keep myself busy in order to not be sat somewhere dwelling on things.

Things that I find help me through a 'blip' is first and foremost prayer.
For me this is a relief of me being able to let go emotionally and just ask whole heartily for thankfulness and what ever is good to bring it closer to me and what is not good for me, to move it away from me.  My faith is my number one go to always.

The second is saying out aloud 5 or 10 times something you want in your life as soon as you wake up.  I find by saying things aloud, it gives me a goal and mindset to follow and I am putting it out there as a affirmation that it WILL happen.....(Mine is "I will find my husband and he will find me) has changed my mind set that we will find each other.....I just know it and it has changed my outlook.

Third is reading...I am reading an amazing book at the moment called "Reclaim you heart" by Yasmin Mogahed it has been an eye opener for sure and I would SO recommend this! It is full of positive outlooks and alternative views on how you can move forward and make the best of your life.

Forth - Self care....Book a treatment at a spa or salon, self care is not only outside but inside and who does not love being pampered?  I also recently did a reflexology treatment....THAT was an eye opener for sure....I had been feeling stressed and felt tiredness mostly in my feet, so I went to this amazing lady and what a life changing experience that was. I was given notes afterwards and the first thing I was told my "Vocal Chakra" was blocked that I was not able to be as vocal or express my feelings....I was stunned.  She also said I was "annoyed / pissed off" and something....Again it was a massive eye opener for me.  It made me realise how somewhere I had lost myself, I lost track and control and I knew I had to take charge again, the momentum and mindset that I had started this year with somehow got lost.

I started volenteering in January and had met some amazing people, I handed in my notice in my over worked and over stressed job, I landed a new job and a more chilled and much less stressed environment....I changed my surroundings and kept my loved ones more closer, with doing all the above people had noticed I now actually "look" different....Selfcare within really manifests things that happen around you and how you are as a person inside and out, I honestly believe that.

I have started an amazing new job which is already opening some amazing doors, I am getting back on track with getting more involved in giving back through volenteering, recently I have been on a few little cheeky dates and it is nice to be told I am gorgeous, I am beautiful and if I am told this I am damn well taking it and owning it. (Only now upon reflection am I regretting not responding to the miss call, voice message and emails for C4 "First Dates" from last year). Oh well 😅

Sometimes you can be your own enemy, its time to take control and make the best of what you have around you, love, cherish and give back to those who truely love you for who are wonderfully are.

Monday, 12 March 2018

50 things about learning about your Mauritian heritage to me:

50 things about learning about your Mauritian heritage to me:

1. The first time staying at your grandparents means to learn that they have shower out side the house in a seperate outdoor bathroom which has the shower...... (bucket/stool/jug).

2. Learning also that the loo is also outside and a porcelain hole and your aunt had to hold you by the shoulders as you refuse to put your feet on the ground while your toes are clinging on to your savat dodo's for dear life.

3. Knowing that Chi Chong hated it when you raided his small sweet shop with all your 10 cousins when you where all under the age of 12, and you all have taken over the floor space of the tabagie.

4. Knowing that no matter what Briyani you eat Indian/Pakistani/ other South Asian what ever.....MAURITIAN BRIYANI IS THE BEST!!!

5. Going to Bagatelle is the place to be on a Friday & Saturday night. (Also the place you are always going to bump into family)

6. Always having to answer "Asian other" on job application forms or any other forms you have to fill in life.

7. Having to explain "other" if you ticked "other" on the form and putting "MAURITIAN".

8. Knowing that everything evolves around tea and gajacks and someone always asking where the satchini at.

10. No matter where you go in the world when you hear someone speak  Mauritian creole you always smirk like your a member of a secret language club as you understand exactly what they are saying and give them the smirk and eyes of acknowledgement.

11. If you don't use "Eyyyyy", "Arrryoooo" "Ehhien?", "Kiiii", "Eppp", daily you aint Mauritian.

12. Parents always say "Ziss" and "Zatt".

13. Form of child discipline was either "Cout Savat", "Rotain bazaar" or just a "Clack dans figure".

14. When your mum is on the Heathrow airport kraft cheese smuggling black list.
15. When you meet a fellow Mauritian first thing asked is "What is your surname"

16. No matter where you go in the world Mauritius has the best beaches / oceans / sunsets and sunrises EVER.

17. Dhall puri gives and is LIFE.

18. Never understanding why Dhall puri is eaten with khir.

20. When you have a cold / cough / or any illness Thermozen is always the remedy.

21. As a child your mum would side combe your hair and douse you in "Bien-Être".

22. Having to greet all people with air kisses - even the ones you don't like.

23. Family can plan a pick nic like a military operation, someone with whip out lights / full bbq / big pot of maccaroni & chairs out of nowhere.

24. All mauritian dads and uncles dance the same sega move.....Regardless what music is actually playing.

25. When Mauritius has 8 Mirinda flavours and one of them being my favourite Vanilla and the UK only has three.... (Vanilla not being one of them).

26. As a child knowing you where going to Mauritius for 6 weeks was your idea of hell (When your school teachers would be envious) only because you knew your mum would drag you around to spend hours sitting in various living rooms for hours, not being able to speak creole and be bored out of your mind because you had no idea whos house your where in and where....So you cant even escape.

27. As an adult you appreciate the fact that your parents took you to all your family as over the years you build a bond/ love / respect and it becomes home from home and teaches you more about your roots and and backround more so. And each time you leave....It gets harder.

28. The first ever sega song you know by heart is "Bhai Aboo".

29. If you have never experienced the mauritian bus life.....You have not lived.
30. Mauritian La foirs have the best knock off D&G shirts, Chanel, Louis print knock off stuff...Not to mention Top Shop Denim, H&M, Next gear also for like 200rs (4quid).

31. When you never revised for your GCSE french because you already know creole and so you dont bother.

32. When you go to France and reply back in creole and people look at you like your crazy.

33. When being called "A pima" I take this as a compliment.

34. When Mauritius has more bank holidays than your annual working holiday year allowance.

35. Why are women reffered as "35?"

36. Knowing you can become a Mauritian citizen within 2 days because your aunt fast tracked your application.

37. When your mum or aunt are on the phone gossiping about people they know..But then you realise they are talking about the people in a Star Plus dramer.

38. Learning the difference between the use of words that sound the same but have different meanings... "Killot / Ki Lot", "Gaté / Gatter"

39. When your hair turns into an afro - The soft water effect.

40. When your being told off by your parents and do it in creole thinking they are being discreet but their facial expressions and tone say otherwise.

41. When you go to a wedding and dont know the other 1000 people there but they all know who you are.

42. Talking to those who have less than you are more kinder, sincere and nicer, always make me humble.

43. Having to explain where Mauritius is.

44. Zassar legum goes with everything.

45. Mauritians are like Rougaile (Tomato sauce) you can put us anywhere with anything and we adapt.

46. The south of the Island has the best beaches, no wifi, no shopping malls but plenty of pineapple fields to run around (owch).

47. Every family member has some sort of strange ghost story (Mainly a women in white by a church or a voice being heard outside the house).

48. Mosquitos love you.

49. No how many times you go back, you are always welcomed with so much love and a sense of belonging.

50. How there is so much movement and vibrancy because of the mixture of race and religions which makes our Island unique.  A tiny Island which has so much history, colour, warmth and heritage....These are some of the things that make me proud to be Mauritian.

Happy 50th Independence day Mauritius!!
#Savatdodo #Kraftcheese #Dhallpuri #mangotree
🇲🇺 ❤💙💛💚

Sunday, 5 November 2017

Learn to Love Life....

We all have our blips in life and that is all OK.

We should not feel guilty about being, tired, down and sad...We are human and it is part of our DNA.  What is important is HOW you turn things around and change what you are going through.

I know I can distance myself, keep quiet and try and ride out the emotions that I am going through alone.

I think this is where I feel and focus more on...The fact that I have been single for eternity and never been claimed as being someone's significant other or have anyone tell me anything of the such how they truly feel about me. I know that is what gets me down the most that I have not yet been able to reach that next stage in life.  It seems like everyone else around me has moved on and I'm stuck.  The fact that I never have had someone's all makes me think I will never have that.  I am not going to lie it does become hard to express how I feel without thinking I'm sounding like a drip at times lol. But I guess everything happens for a reason. 

I work in Mayfair, I have Oxford Street at my feet everyday, yet not even the materialistic things can now make me happy, it's not even about having someone give me a ring anymore.  It's much more and simple than that.....Just having someone being by my side where ever I end up...Be it here or halfway across the planet and being there growing my faith and life with them, as a Muslim completing half of my Deen (faith) is something compulsary......Just that simple thing and I'd feel whole.  One thing that I know that does make me happy is to keep on laughing, being silly, be the best I can be now to myself and all around me and just living the blessed life I do have and just looking up to the one above with thankfulness for everyday I have. 

But I guess this blog helps me go through this phase and see what goodness I DO have around me.
I have been so so blessed to reach where I am now.  I dropped out of university, never really got much of an education, but somehow....I have been able to travel to far lands, see amazing things, work in some amazing organisations around some cool places in London and more importantly meet some amazing people along the way who I now carry within my life :)

This takes me to my latest venture, magical Marrakech....Travel has always been something that seems to calm me and just takes everything that worries me out of my mind.  However I never expected the effect Magical Marrakech would have on me.

I guess it starts before I left the UK for some reason I was feeling more so emotional and I had no idea as to why. As I was at Kings Cross standing at my usual spot on the Victoria line with my back pack and suitcase, the Victoria line came and the doors flew open, and there I saw standing before me a dear friend from the past.  As soon as I saw her I did feel emotional as unfortunately she had lost her mother a few months back, but the fact that I had not seen her in years and our instant reaction was hugging and crying.....It made me think sometimes the one above really puts certain people in your path at certain points in your life when you really need them.

Marrakech is just three hours away which is nothing really when you think about it!  I have always stayed in hotels, however this was a hostel/hotel which had the best of both.  This was a Riad complex which has a beautiful quarter in the centre with a fountain and pool.  This was based in the Old Median part of Marrakech and it was certainly an eye opener on the evening of arrival.  One thing I heard was that in Marrakech you are ment to be modest and humble with where you live, hence why something on the outside can look like a hot mess....But when you enter a home/Riad you see the hidden inner beauty of the place....The Rodamon definitely showed this....A peacful place from the outside chaos of the old medina.

The evening of arriving and walking through the old Medina at night where the donkey carts & motorbikes whizzing past you literally 3 inches from you in all directions and people walking and the gazillion of stray cute cats catching my eye it certainly was an eye opener.  What was more surprising no one had any collisions the whole time being there.  The narrow streets of the Old Medina felt so familure yet something new that my eyes had set upon for the first time.

Everyone knew everyone, and one thing that stood out everyone in the old medina works hard by trade.  The old man in the shoe repair hut next to the tailor who was opposite the barbers.....It had such a community and homely feel.  And anothing thing that took me by surprise (I don't know why, but how international Marrakech is). Like Dubai the ratio of expacts to locals stood out also.  However the locals seemed to of adapted to this and had not been phased by the influx.

Marrakech is SO safe and easy to get around, not once getting lost in the souks! But by being friendly and smiling to the locals does help on your daily journey.

One of the most chaotic part by far is the Jamaa El Fnaa....Now I'm a city chick, I know my way around and spent a lot of time down the east ends of London, know the ghetto streets of Mauritius like the back of mi hand and born in Cheetham hill fam....However I don't think any of that could have prepped me of what to expect in the Square....If I am honest it is the one place I would not go back in a rush for....But it is something you should experience. The fact that the locals had the worse east end cockney accents ever and stuff like saying "All wiite Fish N Chips" "Wagwaan Fam" "Hello Cat slater" left US even more confused and wtf is going on here kinda vibe...That said my friend and I walked along the square and looked for a roof toop resturant to hide out in.  I looked up and saw a resturant called "Zaitoon" and straight away took it as a sign of somesort while in the chaotic square (My grandmother wanted to calle me Zaitoon which means Olive in arabic lol).

We headed up and sat by the side and felt much more at ease and relaxed hearing the buzz from down below.  It was there that we sat next to an amazing couple from Essex who had been travelling around Morocco for over a month.  They where so humble and open to talk to.  They had been married for 30 years and had three sons, they where 50 & 60 and what we least expected they converted to Islam 2 years ago & even re-married the Islamic way (Nikkah at regents park Mosque) Being muslim I did feel touched by this however more so we had a spiritual connection.  I am practising, however it was beautiful to see a couple go through this together.  We ended up speaking with them for over three hours and we did keep in touch.  It was an eye opener in the sense that I admired that they loved to travel and be together as their sons had grown and now had their own kids. No matter what age you are when you travel you are also seeking further into your own knowledge and always learning more about yourself. Its is so easy for us to get caught up in the daily grind, but we forget we can have an adventure and there really is a big world out there to discover.

I have to admit I have always stayed in hotels where ever I have been, and this was the first time I had stayed in a hostel. What I really loved about it was that how everyone is more interactive and friendly.  We met some amazing people from Germany, Italy, LA, Brazil.  The magic of social media has also enabled us to keep in touch too :)

On my flight back I was sat next to a gentleman from Kuwait.  I never expected to have such an in depth conversation about life in general and it was so refreshing. He informed me he was part of a globalisation project and how we can make the world a better place by all coming together.  This is where he mentioned that he feels people forget what is really important in life....We all work and have a routine but this is where he mentioned he applies the three 'L's in his life...."Learning to Love Life".  When I heard this I felt like a light bulb ping in my head and felt really inspired by this.  I know this year my work has taken over a lot of my time and taken me away from the things that I love mainly travel....By taking the three "L"s im hoping to apply this more and hope others can think and take something away from this.

Marrakech has made a big impression on my heart and I cannot wait to go back Insha"Allah (God willing). When you visit a new place, your either going to connect with it or not...But for some reason I felt so at home, at ease....At peace there.  When I came back I was so upset and yes I did cry...I felt so touched by the warmth of everyone we met and felt humble that we had an amazing time and just so so blessed  ..I have only ever felt that each time I come back from the motherland that is Mauritius so to me that says a lot...It made me think how everything fit into place from the get go.  Every encounter was meant to be and that there are some amazing kind warm people in this world....A little kindess
indeed goes a long way no matter the distance....❤

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Feeling stuck....

How have we now only got about 4 more months until the end of the year?? Madness!

More people getting married, those who are with baby number one are now onto baby number two, and all I have is my job and a street cat that lovingly follows me around...I guess the latter is a little something of nothing...But at least I am getting a bit of unconditional affection somewhere right?

It has been emotional...It seems the hardest thing to accept is making future plans....Alone....I never thought at this age that it would be like this for me and it has been proving a difficult aspect to ignore as this is reality.

Those who know me, know that I am always there for them all giving my wise words, advise, care and love that I best know how to give and show. Yet when it comes to me, I do hide when I am feeling down and insecure and when I do open up the slightest, I come face with silence and always have to deal with things alone or how I best know how to.

I have been so down the past week and it seems I can only be my own source of comfort, I am being totally honest.  I have never had someone I can lean on and just be comforted and I have to probably accept that it will always be like this.  When this happens I always start to think what do I lack that others have, why is it so hard that to find someone.  As people see me as a strong independent person, I actually feel unwanted and unlovable. I have never had someone truly be there for me or comfort me...It's hard....I have never been someone demanding and I hate it when someone asks me 'Why am I still single'' - 'What's going on with you lately' - 'Ahh it will happen'...Well...mid 30's later...ITS NOT. The more time goes on, the more it has dented my confidence that is one thing for sure I have learnt.

Social media has had a massive impact on daily lives, everything can now be seen 'live' on all platforms.  The same old devil can creep into your head that you are indeed being ignored if you simply send a message to someone and see that they have been online else where.  That can always plant a seed of doubt into anyone's head and of course lead to misunderstandings.  Communication is such a big important key thing for me.  I always think life is too short and therefore always reaching out...But then again I know that can make things a one way thing and therefore I guess it's my own fault for having expectations for thinking others will reach out to me how I do.

I think feeling like this has not helped the fact I have been sucked into the whole 'Love Island' escapade. (YES I KNOW TRASH TV)  To think that they have no work or responsibilities to worry about and only have to ensure they look good, interact and go on dates really does not help.  Being sucked into the world where they have all the time in the world to spend all their time with someone and watching this is really, really unhealthy.  It is like a surreal world that makes you think of yours and how shit is it that you don't have someone special in your life making a massive fuss over you.

I know only I can make myself happy again and I hope to get back on track with my own help.  I have learnt the hard way over the years you cannot rely on anyone but yourself.  In a way writing this is helping me move forward and working on my plan of action.  Its been hard and I hope to get creative again as that also seems to have disappeared. Netflix still seems to be my companion at the moment, always there 24/7...So I guess that's another good thing eh?

We all feel lonely at times and I guess we should not feel guilty or bad about that.  We all have good and bad days, but I think it is important to let your emotions out.. And yes I have evenings when I just have a good cry let it all out and then the next day dress to the nines and complement myself and do it for me.....The worse thing is bottling them up and acting like everything is ok when it is not.  So I guess this is me letting everything out right now as I don't have anyone to talk to....But thank you for reading and understanding who ever and where ever you are....Hopefully the next post will be me back on track.....

Before I blog off....About 10 years ago in the Vatican City I became friends with an amazing person who I still consider a dear friend.  Sara lives in New York now but has recently started up an amazing blog post spot which I was asked to write for.  It was an honour to do so, and I guess if you want to know a little more about me, then feel free to click the link below....

But in case no one has told you....YOUR DOING GREAT AND KEEP GOING XXX

Thank you for reading and hoping to the one above I snap out of .....THIS *waves arms around like a crazy cat lady*

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

2017....A new Chapter....(ish)

The love of my life, my one true first love, yes we do have a love / hate relationship over the many years but every relationship has it's ups and downs right?  You just need a little space from each other from time to time to appreciate one another again and then your both back on track again....London.

So it is now 2017, how long have I had this blog now? Even I don't know!  But here I am, new year, new hair do (I chopped all my hair off...and a few people out of my life)....And a new job!

I am now based in Soho, and I have to say by each day I am falling more and more in love with it.
It is quite dangerous being based by Oxford Circus, but what is even more better and probably the best bit I am surrounded by my close friends who I can pop out and grab a casual coffee with instead of having to arrange a dinner date weeks in advance.

It is quite exciting being based so central, everything is walking distance, however over Christmas it had been a nightmare to cope with!

I have absolutely no travel plans this year, 2017 really is a blank canvas for me and I really like that fact.  Last year I squashed so many things and plans I think this is the year I literally am taking things day by day.

One thing that will never change is of coarse the photography side of things, I need to get more into that side of things and keep up with this blog!

An amazing thing about Soho is...FOOD! Lord-a-mercy! Where do I start and when will my list of places end? I feel like I have started the year with my purse getting skinny and my lil belly getting not so lil anymore! But I'm also in that #YOLO frame of mind and think to myself 'If not now, when?'.

One place that I have been going to quite often (at least once a week #guilty !) is The Kati Roll Company.  This place makes roti's like yo mama I'm telling you! You can either get a single or double (Which is two singles). I love the interior with all the classic old bollywood style posters, but even better they churn out some proper old school classic bollywood tunes!

One of my amazing fabulous friends Jen has mentioned (quite a few times) about Yorica, which makes THE BEST VEGAN TREATS in London town HANDS DOWN! From Diary free milk shakes, ice creams and fro-yos added with waffles or selection of delightful toppings such as chocolate brownies to vegan jelly sweets and of coarse fresh fruit!  Now I'm the sort of person who would eat an ice cream even if it was -10c outside. I had fro-yo mix of vanilla & chocolate added with strawberries and mango's.  Yes even in cold January it brought back a summery mix!


Being around Soho, I am wondering around the many side streets and being able to discover short cuts and other wonderful gems along the way.  That is one thing I do not take advantage of about London, each borough in London seems to hold its own little treasures. From food, to graffiti art to people who work and reside in them.

Currently on Broadwick street there is an amazing pop up store which has funded an amazing cause. Just on their very window I love what their mission statement stands for:

This gem of a find has amazing clothes, accessories and all types of new and old things, I did make a purchase of an amazing tote bag


Continued 23rd May 2017 (Disgusting I know!.....I wrote all the above in January 2017 and ONLY now picked up my lap top!  Work has been pretty busy and keeping me away from blogging...And lazyness.....Yes my hair is still short but now want it longer and yes I'm still single! Ha....(Some things never change!)

Also moving away from the hipster kooky cramped streets of Soho and now moving off to Mayfair next week.....So all in all still in busy London and to be honest would not change it......(For now that is).

I have been to a few places around town and I would say the best way to keep up with me would be on my instagram account,

I will try and blog more of the places I have been around town since I have become a bit more boring and well tierd of the whole dating game lol.

Mind you....Although I have not been active most of the year it always makes me smile seeing the page views and locations of where you all are and just seeing that today has given me drive to write and say more.....I guess one thing about being single.....We all miss having that someone to check if you are ok, have someone to listen to you, have someone you can share the silly little things you see daily and they just get it...Having someone to say good night to........I guess this blog has always been a way I could share things.....And well you guess....Have always been there to read and take a moment to see what I have to say.....And just wanted to say Thank you to you all.....(9000 hits!) That means so much and I have to promise to write more for you